And That’s a Wrap!

Saying thank you and goodbye to 2021

Lynda Dietz


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Total book projects: 37

13 from new clients (hooray for new clients!)

24 from returning clients (hooray for returning clients!)

Books copyedited: 26

Beta reads: 11

Each December, I like to look back through my calendar to remind myself of the books I worked on throughout the year. In addition to editing, I do a fair amount of beta reading. I’ve read some amazing manuscripts over the years from authors who deserve to have the fame that lesser authors (like celebrities whose work is often ghostwritten) seem to enjoy.

I also like to promote those I’ve worked with once they’ve published — if I can introduce even one new reader to a terrific author, then you never know how many more people that new reader will tell. If you’re a writer, your people are out there. You just need to find them, and I’m happy to help you do it. (Yes, this is a long post, but well worth reading, if even only portions at a time.)

[full disclosure: this post contains links to Amazon, where I’m an affiliate and can earn money if you buy from those links. If you don’t like affiliate links, please don’t let that stop you from searching for these writers on your own — I’m sharing the links because I love their work, not because I want the money.]


I started January with a thrill. Literally. Author Matt Becker is currently querying his thriller, Run, which I had the pleasure of copyediting. I really hope someone recognizes this genius of a plot and picks him up for publishing, because if you like thrillers, you will absolutely love this one. His website is and from there, you can find him on Twitter (where he’s currently not as active because he’s a new dad!) or Instagram.

I beta-ed (betaed? beta’d? whatever) the first of several books for author Jewel Allen. Jewel is a prolific writer of sweet romance, and I always enjoy the manuscripts she sends my way. I’ve worked on a handful of books from her Riverdale Ranch series and the Lake Powell Firefighter series throughout 2021, and each time, it feels like meeting up with old friends again. You can find her author page on Amazon and…



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